The Heart of the Home

There is no doubt about it but the kitchen really is the ‘Heart of the Home’.

It is the hub of the house, the centre of our day to day living, where we prepare and eat our meals and it is where family and friends gather to socialise, eat and cook together.

Now, I know I am biased but when it comes to investing in your home there really is no other room that deserves as much thought and attention to detail as the kitchen does.  Your kitchen sets the tone for the rest of your home, (that was kind of poetic), not that we have to be always thinking of resale and finance but a fabulous kitchen absolutely adds a lot of value to your home and of course it also adds value to your day to day life.

When it comes to designing a kitchen, before even thinking about styles and products there is so much to take into consideration: how many people in the household, what ages, what kind of use will the space get, are we dealing with a retired couple, a family with 4 teenage sons, a single person… you get my drift.

So your designer needs to sit with you and to really understand the dynamics of your household.  

Once your designer has a handle on that, it’s time to look at the space – are there any structural changes that need to happen?  Or can we fit everything that’s needed into the existing space?  It is a great saver of those dollar, dollar bills, if plumbing and cooking can stay near enough to the position they are in already.  But sometimes they have to move, c’est la vie!

A kitchen is first and foremost a functional space – and I believe it needs to be designed with this in mind.  Ease of use, not having to walk too far to get to the fridge, the good old triangle of fridge, sink & cooker is always worth remembering.  The bin needs to be beside the sink and at benchtop level, space beside your hob for preparing food, cutlery drawer closest to the dining table etc.

There are a lot of fabulous products available for kitchen cabinetry finishes and some really lovely, easy to use storage systems and as for bench tops the choices are wonderful.  But as there is so much choice available, it can seem overwhelming so it makes sense to work with someone who has good product knowledge and stays up to date with the latest improvements.

Last but not least (and maybe it should even be first) budget!  The new kitchen itself is just one part of the puzzle, you will also need to budget to have the old kitchen removed, electrical & plumbing work down, perhaps new appliances, flooring, lighting & painting.  But certainly you don’t have to spend a fortune on the kitchen itself as good design, clever use of materials and interesting handles, will all add up to give you a stunning kitchen.

I could talk about kitchens for hours……….feel free to fire any questions my way!!!


(Image from “Dream Kitchens” brochure. Published by Armstrong Cork and designed by Hazel Dell Brown.)


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